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Livingstone Club Bagamoyo-Tanzania

The Club is located on the Eastern African coast at 2 Km from the centre of the adjacent colonial town of Bagamoyo, at 70 Km North of Dar Es Salaam, just opposite Zanzibar Island.

In this exclusive area, still unknown to tourism, there exist other low level hotel structures. The Livingstone Club is, at the moment, the only resort on the Tanzanian coastable to satisfy the demanding taste of guests accustomed to European good standard accommodations.

Bagamoyo area is not equipped for night-life, anyway all the sports activities, entertainment, folk shows are Proposed by the Club.

A holiday At Bagamoyo is highly suitable for people fond of nature and of authentic Africa not yet influenced by progress and mass tourism. It offers the charming atmosphere of small open air markets, tropical fragrances and the traces of a past tormented by the slave trade and the dominions of various civilisations, which is so incisive that we still perceive its magic…